Prophesies about the Great Revival in Russia

1-0013Hudson Taylor, famous British missionary to China and founder of the China Inland Mission, had an amazing vision in 1889 of a great national spiritual awakening in Russia that will touch Europe before Christ’s return. These are his words:

“I saw in this vision a great war that encompasses the world. I saw this war recess and then start again, actually being two wars [WWI & WWII]. After this I saw much unrest and revolts that will affect many nations. I saw in some places spiritual awakenings. In Russia I saw there will come a general all-encompassing, national spiritual awakening, so great that there could never be another like it. From Russia, I saw the awakening spread to many European countries. Then I saw an all-out awakening, followed by the second coming of Christ.”

12In the turbulent years preceding the 1917 revolution in Russia, when Europe was to pour out the abomination of communism on the land, a young aristocratic woman (later to become Mother Barbara, Abbess of the Russian Church of St Mary Magdalen on the Mount of Olives in
Jerusalem), used to visit a “staretz” (holy man) in the Kremlin, Bishop Aristocoli. He prophesied many things about the End Times in Europe, England and in Russia.
The Bishop foretold that Europe would be laid waste and Germany divided in two,
that England would lose her Empire and colonies, and be on the verge of collapse, but be saved in the last hours through praying women.
About Russia, Bishop Aristocoli said, “An evil will shortly take Russia [the 1917 Communist Revolution] and wherever this evil comes rivers of blood will flow. It is not of the Russian soul, but an imposition on the Russian soul. It is a spirit from hell. But finally Russia will be free and from out of Russia believers will go forth and turn many nations to God.” The bishop said, “From the very earliest centuries we have had prophecies that rays of Gospel light will come from the East… The light over the whole world will be from Russia who suffered more than anybody… Russia will be completely reborn!”

2More recent prophecy of Rick Joyner is another confirmation of many other prophetic words about the destiny of Russia in the great final Revival.

Word For Russia


“Russia will be the host of the greatest revival that the world has yet seen.
Because of it, the soul of the nation will be transcendent, overcoming many of the great problems of the times and helping many other nations to do the same.

Preceding this, Russia has a very difficult road ahead, with some tragic events looming. Eventually the road will become smoother. God’s grace is extended toward Russia, and He is the One who put in Putin. She has at times tottered on the brink of anarchy, but she will grow in stability and wisdom and be a great leader of nations until the end. The Lord has prepared great leaders for Russia in government, business, and the church. These will all be statesmen in their
fields, developing a sound and wise interchange with counterparts in other nations to their mutual benefit. Such interchange is essential for the prosperity of Russia, and she must learn to resist the forces of isolation and shortsightedness. Germany, Poland, and Russia will grow in friendship to their mutual benefit and strengthening.

It is the destiny of Russia to precede the world in dealing with some of the problems that the whole world will face. Pray for wisdom from above to show them the way to build upon a foundation that can stand against the pressures to come. When Russia is standing on solid ground, the world will be safer, and she will be able to help pull many other nations out of the quicksand. The potential of the Russian soul is a great treasure. The greatest threat to Russia is not the resurrection of Communism, but the emergence of Fascism.”

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