Criminal authority conversion

tolikMy name in Anatoliy Konovalov. I was a criminal authority. Was a robber, racketeer and a member of organized criminal group… This life has brought me to heavy drug-addiction. I came to Moscow trying to escape from the problem and soon find myself without money or anything else on a train station. There I met a Chistian who directed me to the New Life Rehab Center. The Lord made amaizing miracle – He gave me a new heart that loves Him and loves people and wants them to be saved. I almost finished the Rehab program asking the Lord what should be my next step when He answered in very unexpected way. Acasionaly Moscow police is checking peoples documens. They checked mine I shocked me that I was under investigation for one of my former deels. They arrested me and convoyed to my home city of Sizran. I found myself in the cell with 15 criminals. Most of them were accused for murder. It wasn’t easy but I started with putting my Bible on the table and declaring that I am a Christian. Amaizingly enough they reacted positively. Some asked me for different advices and two of them even gave their lifes to the Lord!

Then another miracle – a month later I was released from the prison and I came home.

The next day a temptation came. My former criminal friends came on two cars with alcohol and drugs. They were shocked when I firmly said – good bye! Today some of them are interested in what I have in the Lord Jesus.

After 20 years of criminal life and drug abuse my family was very suspicious about my conversion experience. Nevertheless it took only two months to prove to my wife the authenticity of my Christianity and she came to the Lord and went with me to the a church.

When I came home I found a good church which happend to work on building constraction. I know how to do it and the next day was employed to the project. The church also launched a new Rehab Center. Minister Alexey from Moscow came to lead the program. Today I am helping him.

I will not cease to praise the Lord for everything that He did for me!

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