Testimonies of two homeless men

My name is Aly Karimov. I came to Moscow from Uzbekistan to earn some money. I worked hard for three months and then the owner kicked me out without money and place to live. Next month I spent on the street. February and March are the coldest months in Moscow. I lived on the bus stop. Slept for an hour, than walked around to warm myself. Occasionally some people gave me some bread. I had a hope that something will happend and one day a young man approached me. He invited me to a church and told me about rehabilitation Center. I came a started to cry because somebody still cared about me… The Lord came to my heart. He was the One Whom I was waiting for on a bus stop… I thought that it’s impossible to live without a cigarette longer than one day. It’s still amazing to me that I don’t smoke for two weeks and don’t want to. Today I have a desire to spread the good news about our Lord’s love in my country of Uzbekistan…

My name is Semyon Barash. I came to Moscow from St. Petersburg and found myself on the street because of my sin and alcohol. The longer I was on the street, the deeper I went down. I cried out to God since I felt very very bad. One day brother Sergey approached me and told about the way out through the faith in Jesus. He has bought me some food. I was amazed by his attitude. Sergey invited me to the church and I found myself in the Rehab Center. In the beginning I was frightened because I didn’t understand why these people care about me. What do they want from me? Now I am so thankful to the Lord and the Rehab Center! For a long time I had a desire to know the Lord and the Bible. Now I have the opportunity! I want to live free from alcohol, smoking, lying. I want to be free from any sin! I understand now that the Lord has chosen me and I am so thankful because of this privilege. Praise the Lord! Today I want to help people free of charge, because I got help from the unselfish people.

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