Two Testimonies

Kirill and Andrey

We rejoice because of another baptism in our Rehab Center. Two young brothers Kirill (on the left side) and Andrey has entered into the covenant with the Lord. Here are their brief testimonies.

My name is Kirill. My family especially on my mother’s side was under heavy curse. My mother died in unknown circumstances before she turned 40. Many of her relatives have found terrible, unnatural death. I used to think that I am next one in this line, but now I know that I will live long, fruitful and good life and more than that – I will live eternally! I was 4 when my mother died and authorities put me to the orphanage. For couple years my father didn’t visit me at all, then he changed his mind and took me home when I entered the school. Unfortunately he never gave me much attention and I soon became a part of criminal group of youngsters. At the age of 20 I tried the drugs, then started to sell them, was put to prison for 6 months, but came to drugs again. Once in the train a group of young men were testifying about the Rehab ministry. After an inner struggle I understood that this might be my last chance to break the addiction. The same day I went to the New Life Rehab Center and I didn’t regret because I met Jesus there! Now first time in my life I have concrete, realistic and good plans for the future – I want to finish the Rehab program, then I will minister in the Center for 6 months and then will go to the Seminary. Praise the Lord!


My name is Andrey. I am 30 years old and half of them were spoiled because of the drugs. I tried to find help in many places both Christian an secular. My parents have spent a lot of money, but only in New Life Center I finally decided to commit my life to the Lord – I received the baptism and promised to serve the Lord in good conscience my whole life.  I believe that God  wants to make His vessel out of me. I want to serve the Lord!

We have a prayer request – we have vision to built a new Center both for men and women (currently we can minister only to men). We did a lot of work already but we need more finances and materials to finish the work…

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