Development of our ministry to the addicts

We  are  trying  to  develop our ministry to addicted (many of them HIV-positive)

people.  Right now we have new vision on building up community centers

unifying      both      rehabilitation     and     post-rehabilitation

adjustment. Idea is to provide  affordable housing and jobs for people

who  want  to stay in the ministry and within the church. It also is  aimed  to  give  hope  for  those  who  would  like  to change the

environment, and as such, increase program’s effectiveness.

When  I  was  in  Austria  I  came across some people who mentioned

organizations  in  the US or EU distributing grants for building up churches

or church related ministries.

This could really help up with developing our vision.

We are looking for any grants distributing organizations which support

either  church  building initiatives or social work to addicted or HIV-positive people.

If you have ever heard of those could you kindly let me know.

God bless you!


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