My son Timothy saw two visions on Heaven and Hell

Timothy Blinkov

Timothy Blinkov

In two services, on the 9th and 10th of May  2014, my son Timothy Blinkov (he is 12) saw two bright visions.

After the prayer, and Tim fell down and was lying on the floor of the church for a long time. We all noticed that Tim was lying with his eyes closed and he soon began to cry. Then he said that he saw Heaven and Hell, and many people he knew.

The vision began with the fact that Tim found himself outside his body. He saw the church hall from above and all the people who were there.

Then he began to climb higher until when in the clouds something began to be formed that became like a big city. The city was made of something similar to gold and white quartz. Tim watched the city from afar and didn’t see it in detail, but he was surprised that in the whole city there was not a single person. The city was completely empty.

Timothy then began to descend until he was in a huge cave the walls of which were made of fiery red stone. At the bottom of the cave was a lake, but the surface was not visible because it was covered in a layer of slowly drowning people who were clearly suffering, but had no way to get out. All the people were dressed in black cloaks. Some faces were deep scars, many were chained. All of them were moaning in pain, slowly sinking into the lake deeper and deeper …

The worst thing was that Tim recognised a great number of the people that were drowning. There was almost the whole of his school class and many teachers, as well as many people with whom he used to meet, including some of those who used to go to church. Seeing the suffering of people he knew, Tim wept …

The second vision Timothy saw was on the next day – May 10th. Again he saw himself being released from his body and rising up to heaven. But this time he was not in the New Jerusalem, but in the place where the souls of saved people lived. There he went into a building that looked like a huge amphitheater with a huge number of rooms. Timothy went into one of them and saw a lot of drawers. In each drawer there were cards. He took one of them. At the top was written the name “Timothy” – it was about him. Then there was a detailed record of a particular sin and the according punishment. The punishment was very severe by our earthly standards. For example, for the sin of deception one should be repeatedly flogged and one’s bones broken. At the bottom of the card it was written “restore”. Tim realized that after the punishment for this particular sin his body had to be restored (put back together) so as to receive punishment for the next sin … Trying to break the card, he realized that the card was made of a material that is impossible to destroy or even damage.

The next thing he saw was Jesus. Jesus took the card from the Timothy ‘s hands and then returned it to him. On the top of the card instead of Timothy’s name there was written, in blood, another name – “Jesus” …

p.s. We read the Bible with Timothy, but up to the point of these visions we had never read neither the book of Revelation, nor Daniel nor Zechariah, which describe visions in tune with what  Timothy saw. The fact that Timothy’s visions are consistent with biblical books with which he was not strongly familiar with additionally points to the trustworthiness of his visions.

Timothy’s visions were not something that scared me, but that rather sobered. They recalled the words of Jesus, which most definitely say that the lost are many more in number than those that are saved, “Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it; Because narrow is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and few there be that find it” (Mat.7: 13,14).

The punishment for any and every sin committed by us is – death (Romans 6: 23). In this way even a holy person, by our standards, deserves this fate, even if, for example, this person has only cheated once in their lifetime and has not committed any other sin. But the problem is that the sins of all of us if measured in units, come up to perhaps many millions …

The vision reminded of the main thing in life. Heaven and hell exist. There is a place where people pay for their sins, but there are also those who have received forgiveness and salvation through the faith in the Lord Jesus. Our main mission – to save our own souls and help everyone around us to understand that without repentance and faith hell awaits them all … No religious rituals and no good works, can save. There is only One who can take our “cards” and put their name on them …

Dear reader, whose name is on the cards of your sins??

Forward this vision to your friends and acquaintances. Let as many people as possible think about their future…

Andrei Blinkov


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